Welcome to Berkana Labs.

Exceptional Quality, Individually Engineered Holistic Therapy Instrumentation.

Berkana Labs dedicates itself towards furthering research conducted in the field of radionics and biological radiations by the pioneers of the past century, such as Albert Abrams, Ruth Drown, George de la Warr, Bruce Copen and Malcolm Rae.

While primarily concerned with Radionics and Homeopathic Instruments, we further research the work of Wilhelm Reich and other notables associated with Orgone, and aetheric philosophies.

We strive to approach our work with an enquiring mind and scientific methodology, utilising the latest technology and research that is available.

Created With Care, Fully Tested, and Helpful Email Support

  • Attention to Detail

    Every Instrument is individually crafted with care, and subjected to a plethora of tests to ensure that you receive the best product possible.

  • Industry Leading Components

    Each product is created with carefully matched components that adhere to stringent safety procedures. This ensure that your Instrument will last for many years to come.

  • Modular and Adaptable

    We make our Instruments and devices, fully modular and adaptable to ensure that they can be used with more of our products in the future and other leading products on the market.

  • Exceptional Support

    We strive to provide instrument manuals with every new build that are emailed directly to you. In addition to this we offer responsive, individually tailored email support should you have any questions about your Instrument.

In addition to developing new Instrumentation, we also undertake a variety of radionics restoration pieces. Often these old instruments arrive in a sorry and neglected state. In a number of cases they have to be completely stripped back and new hardware installed in place of the old corroded parts.

To date we have in our collection ready for restoration. An original Ruth Drown Radio therapeutic Instrument, two Electronic Instrument Company Abrams style Instruments from the 1940's, Two CalBro Magnowave devices from the 1930's, several Bruce Copen originals, and a few original de la Warr Instruments, one of which is shown in the adjacent image.

Many of the early Instruments were destroyed by federal agents, so it is vital that the surviving ones are restored to full working order, so that we can preserve them for future generations, and provide a window into the minds of the early radionics pioneers.