Success Stories

Here's what other people have to say about Berkana Labs and our products. If you have a success story of your own, please feel free to leave a Facebook Comment, or contact us so we can include it here on the site.

She took remedy and in few hours later that symptoms disappeared.

My mother has stopped to take pills against dizziness. Sometimes in the morning has dizziness, but she takes remediation prepared by me once or two times before noon, and dizziness disappearing. Totally she takes remedy 4 or 5 times a day. She enjoys this very much, and call me to recall, that I have to prepare more this remediation because it is finishing.


My wife has forgot one day to take remediation for allergy. In the afternoon she asked me why I did not recall her about it, because she has shortness of breath and fill something like hard small ball in a throat. She took remedy and in few hours later that symptoms disappeared. I do not need to give her water as placebo J. It is over 2 weeks as she stopped to take pills.


The next sample it helps in illness is torticollis.

This is very unpleasant back pain what I caught in the begging of this week. When I wrote you I had it, but it was difficult to say if remedy help me.

Torticollis goes from back to  the neck and depending which side it is you cannot turn your head this side without terrible sharp pain. Only you can turn whole body, you look like paralyzed. And feel the same. You can use the analgesic ointments and measures diastolic and wait about a week that it slowly pass.

I checked, that torticollis illness is in Spooky illness database. I broadcasted it as remedy immediately. The first day and night were not so good, but I did not use any analgesic ointment or other medicine. I treated myself as a guinea pig. Only several times a day I took prepared remedy. The next day again remedy and in the evening I felt much better and slept quite well in the night. The third day pain was very little. After the next two days I went to swimming pool. Who had the torticollis knows, that pain cannot allow to do it. But I did not have any pain. It was my fourth torticollis and I know exactly what the pain it is and how long it keeps.



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