McGurk Service

The service and repair or McGurk remedy makers

Berkana Labs offers a complete McGurk remedy maker service

We undertake a complete service, make repairs, and perform function checks. Each instrument is deep cleaned as standard keeping your remedy maker in optimal condition.

After McGurk stopped trading and the sad passing of William McGurk, homeopaths were left with no means to service their faithful instruments. Berkana Labs was contacted by several homeopaths with instruments that needed repair and we successfully undertook the work. Below I will highlight a sample of the work and one MKII instrument on arrival and after service and restoration.



As you can see the MkII was given a new lease of life. This was a special case, we do not often receive them in such a degraded condition. The most common problems are faulty switches and battery boxes which we easily replace as part of the service if needed.


We have also serviced and repaired McGurk MKIV Instruments. The one in this image required some minor repairs and a new case with deep cleaning as standard to remove accumulated sac-lac and verdigree form the sample wells

More information about the service

If you require your McGurk to be serviced you can post it to us and we will see if it can be repaired. If it can, the standard service fee is £50 for the MKII* + The cost of any replacement parts and return postage. Once any replacement parts have been ordered will will send you an invoice to pay. We aim to turnaround each instrument in 2-3 days or less if possible.

This is what you will get as part of the service

  • Deep cleaning - Includes control panel, circuit, case, and sample wells.
  • Replacement Parts Fitted - For instruments that have faulty components.
  • Function Check - Checking the system operates as it was designed to.
  • Fast Turnaround - 2 to 3 days on average.

If you need your McGurk remedy maker servicing please use the contact form below to get in touch, let us know the nature of any faults and the model of your instrument.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • My McGurk Remedy Machine (MKIV) has been in constant use since the late 1990’s and was in need of some serious care and attention.   The case had become rather battered, while the machine itself was looking a little sad and the copper wells discoloured with verdigris.  Despite all of this, it still worked well.


    With McGurk Electrical no longer being in business, I contacted Adam of Berkana Labs to give it an overhaul and put it in a new case.  A week or so later Adam phoned to say he had completed the work.   Not only had he completely renovated it but put it into a new case with plenty of room for all the things a Homeopath carries around with them – and removed lots of loose sac lac and dust in the process!


    I would highly recommend Berkana Labs to any one requiring work on their Remedy Machine.


    David Millington David Millington Smart Holistics